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Must-Know Wedding Photography Styles

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For both the photographer and the client, understanding the most common and requested wedding photography styles is essential to cultivating images that will be cherished for a lifetime. When it comes to choosing the best wedding photography style, there are many considerations you must make. These include not only the format of the style, but also the venue and the overall color scheme. Because there are literally hundreds of various photography styles, each showcased uniquely by the best Minneapolis based wedding photographers, the most effective way to make your decision is to understand the most common and requested styles. From here, you’re able to make a more educated decision.

wedding-digital-film-photographyStyle #1 – Digital or Film

The very first decision you must make when it comes to determining the best style for a wedding shoot is to determine whether or not you wish to go digital or use a traditional film style. In our current marketplace, digital formats are the most common method. The biggest advantage of digital shoots is time. When you go digital, your images are able to be available much faster. Another advantage of digital is its ability to instantly showcase the images to the photographer. This allows them an opportunity to determine whether or not a specific shot or style is working. Digital photographers are given significantly more freedom to explore various lighting options and angles. This is quite beneficial for clients.

One of the biggest advantages of using a photographer who specializes in film is these images will have a soft, organic appearance. Film images typically feature a much better light range, which typically results in absolutely stunning images filled with personality and details. The biggest downside of choosing film is time and cost. Film and processing is quite expensive and the amount of time it takes to deliver the final product typically requires well-over a month.

Style #2 – Classic

As you can imagine, classic wedding photography is just that – classic. The composition and images are what you would expect from a traditional wedding photo album. For many, this is exactly what they want. Many photographers describe a classic style as a means of reflecting reality, much in the same way a documentary does. However, they’re slightly infused with artistic interpretation.

Style #3 – Artistic

If you’re looking for a unique take on a classic tradition, then engaging with article-style wedding photographs may be your ideal option. The biggest problem many couples have with classical photography styles is they look too similar to other weddings. An artistic photography style allows photographers the freedom to cultivate images that are truly unique for each couple. Throughout the past several years, artistic style wedding photography has become one of the most popular choices as it allows couples to demonstrate their personality in a fun, beautiful and intriguing manner.

How to Visualize Wedding Photo Shoots

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As a photographer, you’ve likely spent countless hours visualizing the perfect shot. You’ve likely obsessed over the various elements that when added together make a compelling, beautiful image. When you engage in wedding photography, this is one of the most important skills a photographer can possess. The purpose and goal of wedding photography is to create images that will last a lifetime – and in some cases, multiple lifetimes.

Although there are many technical elements that go into cultivating a powerful wedding photograph, one of the most effective tips is all in your mind. Your ability to visualize wedding photoshoots is important for several reasons. To begin, it prepares you for the actual wedding day. When it comes time to shoot your subjects, you shouldn’t be “flying by the seat of your pants.” You should have a detailed understanding and vision for what you wish to capture. Secondly, by visualizing your wedding day photoshoot, you’ll be able to better control the situation and provide essential guidance for your clients.

wedding-photography-photographerEven though the bulk of wedding photography involves reacting to whatever the scene presents, you should spend a considerable amount of time thinking about specific shots you wish to capture and techniques you must use to capture these moments. You should think about wedding photography as football players think about their big game.

They spend countless hours planning and visualizing their movements and plays. However, when it comes time to actually execute, they must also remain flexible as they never actually know how the play will go down. However, because they spent so much time visualizing their play, they’re able to adjust their movements and reactions much faster and accurately than if they didn’t spend any time visualizing their plays. The same is true for wedding photographers.

Many times, the visualization of what you wish to capture occurs while you’re actually on location. While you’re capturing one image, you may get an idea of what to capture next. Many wedding photographers find that their visualization occurs during the wedding and only takes several seconds to imagine. Remember, you are a creative professional – an artist. Instead of approaching a wedding shoot with a set and strict list of requirements, you should allow yourself the freedom to become inspired. Engaging in visualization of future shots supports this level of creativity and spontaneous images.

The most important skill for a wedding photographer to possess is flexibility and having an open mind. If you successfully hold onto these skills, the results will be truly beautiful and unique.

Should You Use a Drone for Wedding Photography

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It should come as no surprise that drones create some of the most visually dynamic images and videos. Because of this, many soon-to-be wedded couples decide on using a drone to capture this monumental day. However, there is a giant question regarding the use of drones for wedding photography – is it worth the expense? Although there are many advantages and disadvantages of using a drone to capture your wedding day, there are several important considerations you must make.

Drone photography has become one of the most popular ways to capture unique and visually stunning images within recent years. If you’re seen any of the images captured by drones, then you can understand. Although drone photography can be used for a variety of purposes, there’s a new trend among the modern wedding industry – using drones to capture vistas of the ceremony and reception that have otherwise been unattainable.

Before you make your decision to acquire a drone for your wedding photography, let’s explore several of the most important considerations you must make.

Consideration #1 – Safety Precautions

When you think about your wedding day, you probably aren’t considering the likelihood of a drone attack. However, when this mode of photography is employed, there is a very real risk of an accident. Essentially, drones are compact helicopters with cameras. So if you hire an ill-experienced drone operator, you could wind up having a mini-disaster on your hands. Avoid this situation by only dealing with professional wedding photography drone operators. If a photographer proclaims he’s able to provide this service, definitely ask for recommendations. As an additional layer of safety, always take out drone insurance – ensure the drone operator offers personal property and liability insurance coverage.

Consideration #2 – Planning is Paramount

As with a traditional wedding photographer, if you’re considering drone photography, you must plan for this unique addition. It’s not only important to have a professional drone operator, but you should ensure that the operator closely works with the wedding venue, ground photographers and the entire wedding party to ensure there are no surprises. When it comes to drone wedding photography, everyone must be on the same page.

wedding-photography-take-advantage-of-your-surroundingsConsideration #3 – Take Advantage of Your Surroundings

If you’re going to hire a drone for your wedding, then it’s an excellent idea to take full advantage of your wedding venue. This is especially useful when your venue is within a beautiful area, such as near a lake or next to a sprawling mansion. Aerial views of your wedding venue offer a unique ability to recall this monumental day through a vantage point few can experience.

Effective Tips for Finding the Best Wedding Photographer

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There are few professionals you’ll hire for your wedding day that are as important as your wedding photographer. Unlike the work of other vendors, your photographer doesn’t deliver a product you’re able to instantly appreciate – and approve. Rather, these professionals offer a product that is delivered after the actual wedding day. Because of this, it’s important that you understand the various considerations and requirements it takes to locate and secure the absolute best photographer for this monumental day. Through a combination of research and interviewing, you’ll be able to locate a wedding photographer that not only matches your budget, but also your style requirements.

wedding-photography-styleTip #1 – Choose a Photography Style

Long before you begin researching actual wedding photographers, you must first determine what type of photography style you want. By determining the style of photography you wish to have on your big day, it will help narrow your search. There are four distinct wedding photography styles typically offered in this type of photography. These include: Documentary, Portraiture, Fine Art and Edgy/Bold. Spend your time looking through a variety of examples for each style and then determine on the one you want. From here, only go to photographers that specialize in this specific style.

Tip #2 – Research Wedding Photographers

Once you have an understanding of the style of photography you wish to have, comes the difficult part – researching photographers. Begin this process by locating several photographers who perform the style of photography you want. From here, begin reading online reviews written by previous clients. Carefully mull through the photographers website. Read their blogs and look through their portfolio. Look for a photographer that features the style of images you want as well as the personality you wish to deal with.

Tip #3 – Begin Interviewing

This is often the most complex and time-consuming part of finding a Minneapolis wedding photographer. After you’ve gathered a list of five to 10 photographers you might be interested in, you should schedule an interview. This gives you an incredible insight into not only their personality, but also allows you an opportunity to ask specific questions and clearly explain your desired goals. Make sure to bring several examples of what you like as well as what you don’t like. Be prepared to discuss your wedding venue and overall style you wish to achieve. Of course, ask to see full wedding albums they’ve created. This offers a detailed insight into their style and whether or not they’d be a good fit for you.