How to Visualize Wedding Photo Shoots

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As a photographer, you’ve likely spent countless hours visualizing the perfect shot. You’ve likely obsessed over the various elements that when added together make a compelling, beautiful image. When you engage in wedding photography, this is one of the most important skills a photographer can possess. The purpose and goal of wedding photography is to create images that will last a lifetime – and in some cases, multiple lifetimes.

Although there are many technical elements that go into cultivating a powerful wedding photograph, one of the most effective tips is all in your mind. Your ability to visualize wedding photoshoots is important for several reasons. To begin, it prepares you for the actual wedding day. When it comes time to shoot your subjects, you shouldn’t be “flying by the seat of your pants.” You should have a detailed understanding and vision for what you wish to capture. Secondly, by visualizing your wedding day photoshoot, you’ll be able to better control the situation and provide essential guidance for your clients.

wedding-photography-photographerEven though the bulk of wedding photography involves reacting to whatever the scene presents, you should spend a considerable amount of time thinking about specific shots you wish to capture and techniques you must use to capture these moments. You should think about wedding photography as football players think about their big game.

They spend countless hours planning and visualizing their movements and plays. However, when it comes time to actually execute, they must also remain flexible as they never actually know how the play will go down. However, because they spent so much time visualizing their play, they’re able to adjust their movements and reactions much faster and accurately than if they didn’t spend any time visualizing their plays. The same is true for wedding photographers.

Many times, the visualization of what you wish to capture occurs while you’re actually on location. While you’re capturing one image, you may get an idea of what to capture next. Many wedding photographers find that their visualization occurs during the wedding and only takes several seconds to imagine. Remember, you are a creative professional – an artist. Instead of approaching a wedding shoot with a set and strict list of requirements, you should allow yourself the freedom to become inspired. Engaging in visualization of future shots supports this level of creativity and spontaneous images.

The most important skill for a wedding photographer to possess is flexibility and having an open mind. If you successfully hold onto these skills, the results will be truly beautiful and unique.