Must-Know Wedding Photography Styles

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For both the photographer and the client, understanding the most common and requested wedding photography styles is essential to cultivating images that will be cherished for a lifetime. When it comes to choosing the best wedding photography style, there are many considerations you must make. These include not only the format of the style, but also the venue and the overall color scheme. Because there are literally hundreds of various photography styles, each showcased uniquely by the best Minneapolis based wedding photographers, the most effective way to make your decision is to understand the most common and requested styles. From here, you’re able to make a more educated decision.

wedding-digital-film-photographyStyle #1 – Digital or Film

The very first decision you must make when it comes to determining the best style for a wedding shoot is to determine whether or not you wish to go digital or use a traditional film style. In our current marketplace, digital formats are the most common method. The biggest advantage of digital shoots is time. When you go digital, your images are able to be available much faster. Another advantage of digital is its ability to instantly showcase the images to the photographer. This allows them an opportunity to determine whether or not a specific shot or style is working. Digital photographers are given significantly more freedom to explore various lighting options and angles. This is quite beneficial for clients.

One of the biggest advantages of using a photographer who specializes in film is these images will have a soft, organic appearance. Film images typically feature a much better light range, which typically results in absolutely stunning images filled with personality and details. The biggest downside of choosing film is time and cost. Film and processing is quite expensive and the amount of time it takes to deliver the final product typically requires well-over a month.

Style #2 – Classic

As you can imagine, classic wedding photography is just that – classic. The composition and images are what you would expect from a traditional wedding photo album. For many, this is exactly what they want. Many photographers describe a classic style as a means of reflecting reality, much in the same way a documentary does. However, they’re slightly infused with artistic interpretation.

Style #3 – Artistic

If you’re looking for a unique take on a classic tradition, then engaging with article-style wedding photographs may be your ideal option. The biggest problem many couples have with classical photography styles is they look too similar to other weddings. An artistic photography style allows photographers the freedom to cultivate images that are truly unique for each couple. Throughout the past several years, artistic style wedding photography has become one of the most popular choices as it allows couples to demonstrate their personality in a fun, beautiful and intriguing manner.