Should You Use a Drone for Wedding Photography

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It should come as no surprise that drones create some of the most visually dynamic images and videos. Because of this, many soon-to-be wedded couples decide on using a drone to capture this monumental day. However, there is a giant question regarding the use of drones for wedding photography – is it worth the expense? Although there are many advantages and disadvantages of using a drone to capture your wedding day, there are several important considerations you must make.

Drone photography has become one of the most popular ways to capture unique and visually stunning images within recent years. If you’re seen any of the images captured by drones, then you can understand. Although drone photography can be used for a variety of purposes, there’s a new trend among the modern wedding industry – using drones to capture vistas of the ceremony and reception that have otherwise been unattainable.

Before you make your decision to acquire a drone for your wedding photography, let’s explore several of the most important considerations you must make.

Consideration #1 – Safety Precautions

When you think about your wedding day, you probably aren’t considering the likelihood of a drone attack. However, when this mode of photography is employed, there is a very real risk of an accident. Essentially, drones are compact helicopters with cameras. So if you hire an ill-experienced drone operator, you could wind up having a mini-disaster on your hands. Avoid this situation by only dealing with professional wedding photography drone operators. If a photographer proclaims he’s able to provide this service, definitely ask for recommendations. As an additional layer of safety, always take out drone insurance – ensure the drone operator offers personal property and liability insurance coverage.

Consideration #2 – Planning is Paramount

As with a traditional wedding photographer, if you’re considering drone photography, you must plan for this unique addition. It’s not only important to have a professional drone operator, but you should ensure that the operator closely works with the wedding venue, ground photographers and the entire wedding party to ensure there are no surprises. When it comes to drone wedding photography, everyone must be on the same page.

wedding-photography-take-advantage-of-your-surroundingsConsideration #3 – Take Advantage of Your Surroundings

If you’re going to hire a drone for your wedding, then it’s an excellent idea to take full advantage of your wedding venue. This is especially useful when your venue is within a beautiful area, such as near a lake or next to a sprawling mansion. Aerial views of your wedding venue offer a unique ability to recall this monumental day through a vantage point few can experience.